​Tupelo Beekeepers Association

By-Laws of the Tupelo Beekeepers Association

Article 1: Name
1. The name of this organization shall be the Tupelo Beekeepers Association.
2. The Association is a non-profit organization.

Article 2: Principle Business Location

The Association's principal meeting location shall be located at 2728 E 14th ST, Panama City, FL 32401( Bay County Co-op Extension)

Article 3: Purpose The purpose of the Association shall be to:
1. Promote the common interests and general welfare of beekeeping.
2. Act as an educational resource in the development and promotion of back yard and hobby beekeeping and its methods to the public and community and foster the best practices and techniques in apiary management.
3. Act in the interest of domesticated bees and their beekeepers in protecting and conducting beekeeping affairs.
4. Act as the representative of the Tupelo Beekeepers Association members before State, and National beekeeping organizations.
5. Encourage all members to interact positively and pro-actively with State of Florida apiary officials, commercial beekeepers, beekeeping supply houses, federal agricultural officials, university researchers, and the elected representatives and citizens of the region centered around Bay County, Florida.

Article 4: Membership
1. The Association shall be composed of individuals interested in promoting the art and skill of beekeeping.
2. Members of the Association shall consist of the following classes: Active, Associate, Honorary, Ambassador and Junior (under 18).
3. All active members must be 18 or older. Minors may join as a junior member only if their parent or guardian is an active member.
 An Active member is a current dues-paying member. Active members have the ability to vote on issues.
 An Associate member is a member of another local, state, or federal organization or family member. They do not have voting rights.
 A Junior member is a child under the age of 18 of an active member who wishes to participate in beekeeping. They do not have voting rights.
 The Board of Directors may, by majority vote, confer honorary membership upon an individual in recognition of services to the Association or to the beekeeping industry. They do not have voting rights.
 The Board of Directors may, by majority vote, confer Ambassador Membership upon an individual. These individuals are charged with the responsibility of representing the Tupelo Beekeepers Association in their daily activities. These are individuals that are highly recognized in the beekeeping industry and their opinions are listened to and sought after. They are also Active members of the association with dues waived and have voting rights.

Article 5: Dues
1. The annual dues for membership in the Association is fifteen dollars ($15.00) per year paid to the Treasurer. This shall be adjusted by a majority vote of the Board of Directors as deemed necessary. This sum will cover one active membership but may have multiple Junior and Associate members tied to it, one family vote per household.
2. The membership year shall be from March 1st till February 28th of the following year. These dates correspond with the club’s annual beginner beekeeping field day in March.
3. Dues-paying members may vote at all general membership meetings in person, via live teleconference, video conference, email, or by written, signed proxy on agenda items.
4. The annual dues shall be payable no later than March 1st of each year nor collected prior to January 1st of that year. A member becomes delinquent if dues are unpaid by May 1st and will be dropped from the club rolls.
5. Club dues are not prorated based on when a member joins. Dues are the same for active voting members regardless of when they join. However if a person wishes to join the club after September 1st they will be given the option of joining as an Associate member with no voting rights or they may pay the club dues and join as an active member.

Article 6: Board of Directors
1. The elected officers of the Association and one appointed board member shall constitute a Board of Directors as long as the board consists of an odd number. The President may appoint additional board members if needed to fill officer positions that have gone vacant, until an election can be held for that position.
2. Meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the Secretary on the request of the President or a majority of the Board of Directors. If the Secretary is not available the President may call directly for a meeting. A meeting may also be called by 25% of the active and honorary members through the Secretary.
3. A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Every decision made by a majority of the directors at a duly held meeting at which a quorum is present shall be regarded as an act of the Board of Directors.

Article 7: Duties of the Officers
 The officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. All officers shall be elected by a majority vote by the membership. All officers serve a two year term starting in January after the elections in November. Succession of command is as listed above and below.
1. The President shall:
 Lead the club as it grows and prospers in the community and set an example for all beekeepers to follow.
 Preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors.
 Greet all members as they come into all meetings.
 Teach all monthly classes if no one else is available.
 Appoint a board member to the Board of Directors to ensure and odd number of members.
 Cast a second vote in order to break a tie vote during a Board of Directors meeting or and committee meeting.
 Appoint all committees and standing committee chairpersons as needed such as field day training Committee and chairperson and Welcome Committee chairperson.
 Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
 Attend all State beekeeping meeting, when able, to represent the club.
 Brief the club on all meeting he attends as the club President.
 Brief the club on all new information pertaining to beekeeping.
 Speak at public and private social, government and educational events about what our club has to offer and about beekeeping in general.
 Have their name on the club bank account, so as to be able to track the clubs financial transactions. Generally will not be required to make purchases, but may have the ability to do so when needed.
 Perform duties as Vice President in their absence.
 Temporarily suspend club members or board members status pending a vote by the board and or club.
 Approve expenditures over $100 and up to $300, but not to exceed $500 annually.
 Temporarily add, change or amend the Association by laws as needed to ensure a smooth running association. These changes must be voted on by the Board of Directors with-in 90 days or they become void.
2. The Vice President shall:
 Perform duties as President in the absence of the President with the full authority of President.
 Perform such duties as may be assigned by the President or Board of Directors
 Develop, amend as needed and preside over the clubs mentorship program.
 Update club website and other social media sites as needed.
3. The Secretary shall:
 Record the minutes of the regular meeting and board meetings and send copies of the minutes to the Board of Directors before the next regular meeting. The Secretary shall be prepared at all times to make such report as requested by the President.
 Attend, as able, all meetings the President attends and take notes at those meetings for the President to brief the club.
 Have their name on the club bank account, so as to be able to track the clubs financial transaction and be able to make club purchases as needed. Can make purchases up to $100 but not to exceed $300 annually. All other purchases require approval.
 Primary board member responsible for updating the clubs website and other social media sites.
 Primary board member responsible for setting up all meeting locations.
 Brief club minutes and all other associated notes at all meetings.
 Send out an email meeting reminder no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting and no more than 5 days before the meeting.
 Send out club messages as needed.
 Perform the duties as Treasurer in their absence.
 Maintain the club sign in roster and send numbers present to those whom request it.
 Perform such duties as may be assigned by the President or Board of Directors.
4. The Treasurer shall:
 Have charge of all the Association's funds. Listed on the club bank account as primary holder.
 Keep an accurate record of all monies received and expended in books provided.
 Deposit funds in the name of the Association in a depository approved by the Board of Directors under the direction of the Board of Directors.
 Present annually at the January meeting or whenever requested by the Board of Directors or President a detailed account showing the exact financial condition of the Association. This accounting shall show all financial transactions in and out of the account and what those transactions were for. The Treasurer will have all receipts and an updated bank account summery present at this briefing.
 Brief the club at each meeting an itemized report of all financial transactions since the previous meeting and bank account total.
 Assist the Secretary in setting up all meetings.
 Sign up new members and provide them with a receipt for their dues.
 Update the club website and other social media sites as needed.
 Make club purchases up to $100 but not to exceed $500 annually, all other purchases require approval.
 Perform duties as Secretary in their absence.
 Perform such duties as may be assigned by the President or Board of Directors.
5. The Board of Directors shall:
 Have general supervision of the affairs of the Association, a majority board vote is required to over ride the President.
 Fix the date, hour, and place of the meetings and formulate the policies of the Association.
 Fill all vacancies of elected officers except that of President. President’s position must be elected. Vice president will assume duties until an election can be held.
 Approve all expenditures over $300.00 up tp $500.00, and submit for the vote of the general membership any expenditure in excess of $500.00
 A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum.
 Approve recommendations for Honorary and Ambassador Memberships.
 Determine by majority vote weather to have a members status revoked.
 Determine by majority vote weather a board members status should be suspended, pending a club vote for removal. A majority vote of the club is required to remove a sitting board member.
 Convene, plan and decide on all matters directed by the President.
 Change, add or amend the club by laws as needed. A majority vote of all 5 of the board members is required.
6. The Appointed Board of Directors member shall:
 Be appointed by the President
 Be present at board meeting to discuss, plan and vote on club dealings.
 Perform such duties as may be assigned by the President or Board of Directors.

Article 8: Meetings
1. The regular meeting of the Association shall be held monthly at a date, hour, and place as fixed by the Board of Directors.
2. The July meeting will be held at a designated location that can support grilling, for the purpose of celebrating this nation’s independence. The board will vote on the location from suggestion made by club members.
3. The November meeting will be designated for purposes of electing officers.
4. The December meeting will be held at a local restaurant voted on by the board from locations suggested by club members for the purpose of celebrating the Holidays together as a club.
5. The January meeting shall be designated for the annual Treasurers report, newly elected officers to speak to the club and an annual briefing by the president on the status and direction of the club.
6. All monthly club meetings except those mentioned above will be focused on educating beekeepers and disseminating relevant information.
7. The Association Meetings will be conducted in the following order:
a. Call to order
b. Prayer
c. Pledge of Allegiance
d. Introduction of new members and guests
e. Reading and Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
f. Treasurer's Report
g. Old Business
h. New Business
i. Report from Board of Directors
j. Reports of the standing committees
k. Appointment of committees
l. Hive management concerns or news
m. Coming this year
n. Election and installation of officers
o. Announcements
p. Question and answer / Discussion
q. Class or guest speaker
a. Adjournment
b. Social time

Article 9: Board of Directors Meetings
1. Board of Directors meetings may be called at the request of the President or a majority of the Board of Directors, which will instruct the Secretary to issue the call.
2. A call for a Board of Directors meeting shall state the place, the time, briefly state the purpose for which the meeting is called, go out to all members and weather it is an open or closed meeting.
3. The Secretary shall record the meetings minutes and brief these minutes at the next monthly club meeting.
4. The board of Directors will meet no less than once a month 30 minutes prior to the scheduled club meeting at the same location.

Article 10: Finances
1. All money or property of the Association or which may be acquired by the Association shall be under the control and direction of the Board of Directors who shall require an adequate system of collecting, dispersing and accounting of funds.
2. The Board of Directors may require the posting of a bond or surety by persons handling the finances or assets of the Association, paid for by the Association.
3. No part of the net earnings of the Association shall be paid to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons except that the Association shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article 3 above.

Article 11: Elections
1. Elections of Board of Directors will be held every two years at the November meeting.
2. Nominations for Board of Directors will be taken from the membership at the October meeting. Nominations can be made in person, by phone to the Secretary or by email to the Secretary no later than 10 days prior to the November meeting. Late nominations must be approved by the Board of Directors.
3. Nominations will not be accepted on the floor the day of the elections.
4. Elections shall be by ballot; a simple majority of votes being cast is required to elect.
5. The term of officers is for two years.
6. If no nominations for an officer position are made and accepted the current officer may choose to remain or may choose to step down. If the current officer chooses to remain no vote is required, an announcement will be made stating there will be no election for that position do to no nominations and that the current officer will be remaining. If no nominations are made for a position and the current officer wishes to step down the duties of that position will be assumed by the already appointed officer. (See officer duties) The only position that must be filled is the President’s position.
7. In the event there is no one willing to fill the President’s position the club will be dissolved and all monies remaining in the account will be Donated to a cause supporting bees in Florida like the “ Build the Bee Lab foundation”. The current Board of Director’s final act will be to determine which cause or causes the money will be donated to. The current Treasure will be responsible for closing the clubs bank account and turning all financial documentation over to the current President. The current Secretary will be responsible for ensuring all closer actions are annotated on the club and board meeting minutes and close the club website and any other social media sites. The Secretary will close out any open documents and turn over all documents to the current President. The current President will keep all financial and other documents in a secure location for no less than the next 7 years. If there is no current President the Vice President will keep all records. All officers may make copies of the records they are responsible for before they turn them over to the President at their own expense. The Vice President may request a complete copy of all records at his or her own expense.

Article 12: Amendments
1. The bylaws may be amended by a Majority vote of the Boards of Directors.
2. The president can make temporary changes as needed to ensure the smooth operation of the clubs business. The board must convene with-in 90 days to vote on changes or they become void.
3. A 30 day notice shall be given to the members in regards to changes to the bylaws.
4. Any member not agreeing with changes may withdraw from the club and their dues will be returned at a prorated amount.
5. A super majority vote by the club members can overturn an amendment, change or addition to the bylaws. A super majority is 66%. Any member may call for a club vote. A simple majority of club members is required to hold a vote on the bylaws. A simple majority is 51%.
6. All Amendment changes must be reported to all club members VIA email and briefed at the next club meeting.