‚ÄčTupelo Beekeepers Association

You do not have to be a member to come to one or two meeting, just to check it out.  We do ask that you please join the club if you plan on attending the meeting regularly. Club dues go toward paying for drinks and snacks at the meeting and our annual cook out. 

Joining the Tupelo Beekeepers Association is easy and care free.

Step one. Come to one of our meetings held the Second Tuesday of every month at the Bay County Extension Office. (See contact page for address) 

Step two. Ask for Carrie our Club secretary when you arrive or just let someone know you are wanting to join and they will show you to her. 

Step three. Fill out our club registration form and pay your first year club dues. ( Club dues are $15 a year) 

That is it, you are now a member of our club. Congratulations and we look forward to learning with you.